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Matty P

Originally Posted by mtbrncofn

Aha, look what I found:

My husband has a safety razor and loves it. He uses sandalwood shaving soap and I spend a lot of time smelling his face after he shaves - I suppose that could be a plus if you want women all up in your grill smelling your face.

As an aside to the ladies: A shaving brush, shaving soap, and a safety razor works amazingly well for legs and armpits, too, and is a bazillion times cheaper than the Venus and its offshoots, plus I get a closer, more comfortable shave with that set up. The only downside is that you have to shave slowly, and I am usually in a mad hurry in the mornings. But even if I occasionally revert to modern multi-blade shaving for speed, I will never give up the brush and soap. It's so cheap and creates less trash and smells so good and the brush feels really nice.
posted by jennyb at 6:41 PM PST on October 23
well, ya gotta be lookin groomed for the ladies

Good find, looks like leanne won't have to go through a trial by fire. now YOU'LL have to give us a full report.

If I'm not mistaken, you can find some nice razor's at antique stores for pretty cheap (15-30$). Might be worth a look
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