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Matty P

Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
I could see this turning into a blood bath. But I may have to give it a shot.

Funny thing about that screen name. My license plates say the same thing, well the BRNCO FN part anyway. When my husband went in to get them, it was altogther ( BRNCOFN ) and the lady thought it stood for brown coffin.
that is pretty darn ironic!

In any case, you should probably listen to Kahn on this one....I don't really know if it would work on a woman's legs or not. A little more research is in order before I start giving that advice out.

I'll see if my friend leanne will try it, then I'll give you a full report.

On a side note, I've used it to shave places other than my face and it seemed to work well. Haven't tried the legs though
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