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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
In my mind, it seems like it would be a lot easier shaving legs than a face. It's a straight shot, pretty obstacles to go around. Are they expensive? I mean am I gonna be pissed if I drop money on one and hate it? I suppose I could hand it over to my husband if it didn't work though.

OTOH, he shaves about once a week, so he probably wouldn't even use it. He's the kind that has never been able to grow a full beard ( thank God ) and doesn't have a lot of facial hair.
The blades are cheap. $15 for thirty platinum plated blades. The razor itself isn't. I have some links at the front of this page. I can only guess it will at least be much slower than you're used to since you're supposed to use small quick strokes and not long gliding ones. Good luck.
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