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Originally Posted by Rulon Velvet Jones
But from today's DMN:

However, the league's other major piece of hardware the MVP trophy will elude Dirk Nowitzki, a source said. While it was unknown who will win the MVP, it will not be Nowitzki, who was lumped with Phoenix's Steve Nash, Cleveland's LeBron James, Detroit's Chauncey Billups and the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant as legitimate candidates.

Dirk wont win it until he beats the Spurs.

I know it's not fair because the other candidates are not held to that standard, but he will have to overcome a little bit more than the other guys. The only other candidate on the list that is held to Dirk's standard is Billups and he wont win it either.

MVP is a popularity contest. Dirk isnt very popular.
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