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Originally Posted by Sassy
Hey gals...we should get in on this ....women's razors are expensive as all get out too...except we don't have to worry about cutting our face...

So what's the Bronco gals poll...electric or disposable?
Damn, you're not kiddin. I hate buying razor blades and after reading through some of these posts from the guys, it seems they have the same problems. I've had the Venus for a long time, but it doesn't seem like it lasts very long and holy ****, I cut myself constantly with it.

I went and bought the mens Mach 3, power deal one. I used it the other day for the first time and loved it. Never cut myself once, which is a minor miracle for me. Then I went and looked at the blades. Geez! Why the heck are they so expensive? Both the Venus blades and the MP ones are the same. The MP works better for me so I'll probably just have to bite the bullet and buy the damn blades. Sigh.

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