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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

I'm disappointed in a few things after two periods of play...1) At the beginning of the second period Skrastins got the old slew foot put to him, and it was a non call. They called it at the other end. They were both penalties. I guess the refs can't see everything. 2) I didn't see Blake hold morrow in real time, or during the replay. I'm not saying it didn't happen I just haven't seen it yet. 3) I'm disappointed in the way the AVS skated in the 2nd period...they're smaller than the stars but not slower.

I don't think Tay-o-door looks comfortable in the nets at all. Perhaps the goals were flukey, but he's sprawling a lot. His mechanics (what I know of them) look for ****. He's fighting the puck. I also thought Modano kicked the puck with his left foot not the right in real time...but I guess it didn't appear that way in the any case it was a bad penalty by Tanguay...and those end of the period goals are real bastards to overcome...

Let's hope (AVS fans...the only fans that matter on this thread)...the boys can rally and ratchet up the intensity a bit...or a lot...

I think Theo needs a sports psychologist...he's erratic in his crease...

Gawd this is fun!!!!
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