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had to dig this back up.

never really followed this one all the way til the end..

good thing...(mock's comment at the end)

anyway.. Just got the Fusion. IMHO, it is way better than the Mach 3. The blades being closer together does help in the comfort department. All those blades can really cut some facial hair, too. I got some pretty tough facial hair, but it's no match. I wouldn't recomend going "Chiefsplanet" on yourself with this razor though, that might sting.

Perhaps the best thing about this razor, though, is the single blade on the back. I've always had problems trimming up the 'burns with the multi blade razors. For some reason the blade would never cut straight accross even if i was only using the top blade. This, however, cuts beautifully!

I will consider old school style in the future, but this is just way too convenient. A good shave is a wonderful thing!
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