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Originally Posted by Hogan11

I, for one, fully expect Brashear, amongst others, to come out rockin' tonight and will be disappointed if they don't. That hit by Campbell, though clean, should be seen as a challenge to the Flyers manhood. As such, they should respond in kind. The Flyers need something to be fired up about IMO....they need other lines besides Pete's to show up...they've appeared totally flat to me and if that doesn't shake them out of it, nothing will.
Like Bronx33 said in the post below's fine to come out fired up, and looking to take the body early...but if you lose discipline you might settle the alleged score with Campbell...while putting your team down a man consistently.

I think that the Flyers will come out taking the big hits when they are within the play. I don't think Hitchcock will allow it to get out of control. I imagine the Flyers are far more concerned with evening up the series than taking a run at Campbell...especially since the hit was clearly legit. If not...they'll lose the game. And rightfully so.
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