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The Mc Rib

Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
Well I can't believe anyone would call for 'Steve Moore retribution' at all either, and certainly not for something like that! Again, this is a fan of a team who took joy in hurting people back in the ol Broad Street days that he loves to yap about, and lookee now.....

altho i was only like 3 during the hay days of the broad street bullies, i must clarify, they were biligerant fighters, NOT cheap shot specialists, there is a huge difference.

Originally Posted by Tredici
Too bad Naslund couldn't have been stand up like that. Instead of a being a whiny widdle boy with a cold water sized nubbin needing some goon to give himself the illusion of being a superstar.
i wanted to say that it was because umberger was a canadian and not a whiny b**** european, but i forgot hes an american, good for him.
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