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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
No biggie Sass. I looked right passed the comment. I don't get bent over personal attacks on a message board. If it got something off of Tred's chest, that's a good thing for her. She's more then welcome to vent just like I vented.
The thing that cracks me up is these so called hockey fans are sitting here saying they would feel it was a clean hit if it happened to Sakic. Nothing can be further from the truth. I'm trying to make the point that that particular hit (lowering the shoulder into a players jaw) should be banned. That's the major beef. Somehow, if it doesn't happen to an Av's player, it falls on deaf ears. They claim it's RJ's fault for "having his head down". They don't realize that RJ was doing what every player in the NHL does 10 times a game. he was looking back for the pass. He didn't have his head down, rather, he looked behind him for the pass.

Thanks for having my back (for Tred's comments), but, I never thought twice about the comments. I actually chuckled.
This is a "so called" hockey fan who agrees that most fans would be screaming foul if it happened to any one of their team's players. That's a lot different than wishing for Steve Moore retribution. If you call my attack personal but yours simply the remark of "real" hockey fan, well, we find all sorts of justifications for our own duplicity.

By the way Sakic did take a cheap boarding shot in the Dallas game. Yet, strangely enough, I haven't seen one of the so called blind homie Av fans calling for any additional Dallas battering.

BTW - I knew you wouldn't take it personal when Sass got alarmed. But in all honestly wishing that type of injury on someone else is bush league.
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