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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Pendejo
Hypothetical question...what if the Flyers do as you want and A)Send Brashear to fight Campbell, but Campbell weathers the storm. Will that satisfy your bloodlust? Or do you demand that Campbell keeps fighting until he finally gets knocked out of the game? B) They take runs at him all night, and wind up in the penatly box and lose by about 7 goals? Will that do the trick?

I, for one, fully expect Brashear, amongst others, to come out rockin' tonight and will be disappointed if they don't. That hit by Campbell, though clean, should be seen as a challenge to the Flyers manhood. As such, they should respond in kind. The Flyers need something to be fired up about IMO....they need other lines besides Pete's to show up...they've appeared totally flat to me and if that doesn't shake them out of it, nothing will.
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