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Originally Posted by Pendejo
Explain how you can lower your shoulder into another man's face unless the dude's head was down. Even the recipient of the hit said it was fine...he just didn't expect it from a player like Campbell. It is a player's responsibility to protect himself too. Obviously you can't prevent a cheap shot, but you can avoid a hit like Campbells, or at least take some of the force out of it by looking where the f*** you're going.

Quick...send Umberger a message, and tell him that you're right and he's wrong.

Hypothetical question...what if the Flyers do as you want and A)Send Brashear to fight Campbell, but Campbell weathers the storm. Will that satisfy your bloodlust? Or do you demand that Campbell keeps fighting until he finally gets knocked out of the game? B) They take runs at him all night, and wind up in the penatly box and lose by about 7 goals? Will that do the trick?

I don't have to explain how you lower your shoulder into a guys face. Look at the clip. It show's it perfectly.

Hypothetical answer..... Everytime he touchs the puck, get a body on him. That's the trick.
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