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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
Dear Dish Network,

Get a clue.

What in the hell is going on with the OLN deal? Where the **** is my NHL? STFU. You cant even bring an argument. I'm so close to moving over to Direct TV over this. Beezer's so ****ing pissed he's chewing on his own tail so get off my back. The idiots that be in the NHL got together with the idiots that be at OLN and got this stupid deal together that screws hockey fans over.

Don't you know that Montana will evicerate you? STFU. Get ****ing hockey on my TV or you'll get whats coming to you. Sit down and shut up. Montana told you not to to dump OLN. Montana told you she'd ****ing make life hell for Dish Network. I'm practically in tears. This is un****ingbelievable. Montana's kittens wont stand for this. Get ****ing hockey on my tv, Dish Network! Im sick of this inbred duck hunting, bull riding shiat. STFU.
And then Dish jumps in on the act when they decide to drop OLN. Montana had OLN on that damn programming package for years, and never used it, but Montana goes to use it for the first time ever when they put hockey on, and ZING! there it goes. Remember, Montana told you this would happen when the ****ing league got greedy for money and spurned ESPN and and went with some ****ing hick network that about 100 people in the whole ****ing country watch. Hell even Beezer wont watch this shiat, but no one listened to her.

Listen you dimwits, do you people realize there are Stanley Cup final games being televised that I can't watch because of this moronic decision? Sit down and shutup.

Don't tell me the network made a "reorganizing decision". STFU.

Thanks a bunch for ruining my Stanley Cup playoff viewing. Ridiculous.
Thats pretty much the funniest **** i've ever read!
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