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Originally Posted by Sassy
If you absolutely mean you want Steve Moore retribution then so be it. Take a good look at your son. And then you can hope someday someone will pile drive his head into the ice. Breaks his neck. Causes permanent damage. But what the heck? You'll be a proud Dad for his contribution to "old style" hockey.

To wish that on anyone is beyond stupid. So let it be your son.

What Philly said was really nasty and stupid and I disagree...but I can't believe you would stoop to something as mean as this as payback, Tred.
It's not a stoop. It's a reality. If you are willing to wish that type of harm on anyone's child, then you are willing to say it's okay if it happens to your own. If you can look at your own child with love and protection and never wanting to see any harm come to him, then you should be able to understand everyone else feels the same way about their child.

It's a frickin HOCKEY game for cryin' out loud. To be someone sitting on a couch watching TV and actively wishing REVENGE on someone is just beyond me. Steve Moore's family is still living with the reality of that careless statement by Philly.

If letting people get away with that kind of thinking is taking the high ground then I'm willing to grovel along in the mud.

This is the same guy cheering for Peter Forseberg's line. But he seems to forget Peter lost a spleen during a playoff game. Did he whine like a little baby? Did he need some other Av to be an enforcer and inflict harm on another player? The whole idea of that is just stupid. -- And it doesn't have to have a place in the sport.

The only thing the Flyers should be concentrating on is lifting the Cup. Anything else is horsepucky.

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