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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
I absolutely mean it.

You can bet that someone will take a nasty run at Campbell. I wait with anticipation.

I think it's laughable that everyone here claims Umberger is at fault because he had his head down. He didn't have his head down. He was looking back for the pass. Campbell waited like a cat anticipating lowering his shoulder pad into Umberger's face. Campbell got the job done. He achieved what he set out to do. He ended the season of a totally defenseless player. it's all good though. I've had time to think about the hit.

Pendejo- I see no difference between a shoulder pad to the face of a player and an elbow. Both leave mountains of damage to the opposing player. I can give plenty of examples. It's one thing to go shoulder to chest, shoulder to ribs, or shoulder to shoulder. It's very damaging when you go shoulder pad to bare face.
If it was Gauthier hitting Afiniganov that way, I would have loved it. It's still a chicken ****, cheap shot hit though. That said, I don't think I'd be cheering as the dude laid motionless on the ice. Funny how Egirl fan is thought of as scum bags because they cheered when Michael Irvin laid motionless on the field, yet, no mention of Sobbers fans doing the same thing.

Retribution is on it's way. I can't wait.

BTW- Whoever used the lame ass "booing Mike Schmidt" reference..... Every superstar in every city gets booed at one time or another. Just ask John Elway.
Yes. It is very damaging to take a shoulder to a bare face. That's why you skate with your head up. It's either that or Campbell is 6'10". You're the only person on this thread who thinks it was a dirty play.

I just hope the Flyers players are smarter than you. Stepping on the ice with revenge on your mind is a good way to go down 2-0 in a series toot sweet.

Snivel all you doesn't change the fact that the hit was clean, and the Flyers let a brilliant performance by Esche be wasted.
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