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Von Miller

Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
So be it. All fans whine when they think they're player was wronged. I remember alot of Av's fans whining about a year ago as well.

Think Isle's fans whined after Dale Hunter laid out Pierre Turgeon? Think Duck fan whined when Karya was laid out by Stevens? Think Devils fans whined when Domi laid out Neidermeyer? Well, bad example. There aren't any Devils fans so scratch that one out of the example.
All fans whine. If it was Joe Sakic and not RJ Umberger, you would be whining too.

After a clean hit........................................nope i would be telling my boy that he needs to pay a little more attention rolling up ice like that, umberger was one step ahead of where he should have been. (And you saw the results)
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