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Originally Posted by MightySmurf
Did the Av's play Saturday.... they played right?

Anyone tape the game so they can send it to me?

I played last night and we got killed 6-2. I did block 4 shots and got a goal though. I'm starting to think that I'm just the Definsive Foward that the Av's need. I blocked a shot with my balls yesterday. Good thing I wore a cup. I have a bruise on my inner thigh now. It went by so quick.... I'm standing in front of the net and this one guy from the Czech Republic slaps it from the blue line. I hear a thud from my cup, and I thought "did that just hit where I thought it hit." Then when I started to skate away, I felt a pain in my inner left thigh.

I downloaded the Av's game from Center Ice Forums, but it's no working for some reason.

Go Av's
Sorry, I don't have it for you. I did watch it though. All I can say is the Avs played the most solid game (after those 2 goals) that I have seen them play this year. Theo was a little shaky but got better.
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