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Originally Posted by Jori
After seeing the replay on TV, I'm inclined to agree. He looked down as he had the puck and to use a Pierre McGuire term...WHAMMO!

The only hit I had issue with in the Dallas game was Hagman's hit on Sakic. Not only was it stupid, but extremely dangerous considering Sakic's back was turned. Though there was plenty of stupidity to go around in that game...cough ***Steve Ott*** cough.
I think the officials did a good job in the AVS/stars game(although they did miss that blatant tug on Sakic's break away) point was there were several big hits that happened when the puck was further away than the hit in the Buffalo game. They absolutely cannot get rid of that part of playoff hockey. It will kill it. That's all.

I thought the Sakic hit could have carried a game misconduct...intent to injure...etc. Sakic was barking at the refs after that. I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt know...finishing your check and all of that.
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