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Originally Posted by Pendejo
Jori...the kid played the puck...then BOOM!!! It wasn't anywhere close to a second...he looked behind him for the hit his stick...bounced off his stick...then BLAM-O.

There were hits in the AVS/stars game today that were much more in question as far as puck possesion goes...this one was just nasty...

Watch the replay, and you'll agree.

I think Scott Steven's hit on Paul Kariya would have to be classified as far more "dirty" than this one (it was clean) the puck was much further away from Paul...
After seeing the replay on TV, I'm inclined to agree. He looked down as he had the puck and to use a Pierre McGuire term...WHAMMO!

The only hit I had issue with in the Dallas game was Hagman's hit on Sakic. Not only was it stupid, but extremely dangerous considering Sakic's back was turned. Though there was plenty of stupidity to go around in that game...cough ***Steve Ott*** cough.
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