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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
Jori.... I have 2 questions for you:

1- Was I imagining it or, did that gutless punk take 3 strides from center ice to make the hit on a guy without the puck?

2- I know it's technically legal to hit with your shoulder, but, don't you think a shoulder pad made of very strong plastic is worse then an elbow? I'll never understand how the NHL does not view that as a dangerous hit. Amazing, everytime someone gets their clocked cleaned by a shoulder pad, they get hurt. Wake up NHL, before a player dies.

You can call it legal, the fact is, technically it is legal. The fact remains though, it's a chicken ****, cheapshot hit.
I'm not Jori, but I'll answer it for you.

The hit was completely legal. Brutal, but legal. There was no head hunting involved. That's what happens in the stanley cup playoffs when you play the puck with your head down. The guy who hit him didn't take more than the 1 1/2 strides which is legal...anything more is charging. It was text book.

Point number two of this post is just completely stupid. Elbows are far more dangerous. You're only going to take a shoulder to the face if your head is down.

There was absolutely nothing chicken ****, or cheap about that hit. It was 100% above board. Esche was outstanding, but his team let him down.
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