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Originally Posted by Jori
Esche was great tonight.

I sure hope Umberger is okay. It was a brutal hit, but I felt it was clean. Unfortunately for RJ, he had his head down. Though I can understand how Philly fans would be frustrated with that hit. Fun game. I think this is going to be a great long series.

Jori.... I have 2 questions for you:

1- Was I imagining it or, did that gutless punk take 3 strides from center ice to make the hit on a guy without the puck?

2- I know it's technically legal to hit with your shoulder, but, don't you think a shoulder pad made of very strong plastic is worse then an elbow? I'll never understand how the NHL does not view that as a dangerous hit. Amazing, everytime someone gets their clocked cleaned by a shoulder pad, they get hurt. Wake up NHL, before a player dies.

You can call it legal, the fact is, technically it is legal. The fact remains though, it's a chicken ****, cheapshot hit.
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