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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
I agree. I was so pumped for Q and I'm not too impressed either. SA has a point when he was yakkin' about what he did for the Blues. Not a whole lot, really.

I still kind of miss Hartley.
The Avs had totally tuned him out at the time he got the boot. My theory is they lost complete confidence in him against the Wings in game 7 of the 2002 playoffs.

If you remember the Avs lost game six after Stevie Y poked home Roy's misplayed statue of liberty. They lost all momentum.

Then in game 7 with the Avs down, and ready to go on the power play. Hartley pulled a bush league move, and called for the refs to measure Hasek's stick because he'd given his kid one with an illegal curve. Hasek immediately shook his head...his stick was fine, and good bye power play. It's only my opinion, but that showed me that through Hartley's eyes he didn't think the Avs were good enough to beat the Wings, and had to resort to that nonsense. I don't think it was lost on the players. It's one thing if you know (common knowledge) that a guy is using an illegal curve...a la Scottie Bowman nailing Marty McSorely...who everyone knew was using an illegal stick. It's another thing when you're grab bagging.

I don't think the Avs veteran players trusted him after that, and it showed the way they played for him the following season. Tanguay sure as hell was glad to see Hartley go.

Hartley is a good coach...he's doing decently for the Thrashers...but unfortunately he'd run his course in Colorado.
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