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Red wings are gone first round, they had a really weak division, and have an artificially good record this year, any team that gets 24 games against the blues, blackhawks and blue jackets should win the presidents trophy, hell thats 48 points off just 3 teams. Edmonton has takin 5 of 8 points from them this year and playing good hockey.
5-5 in their last 10 isn't exactly 'good hockey'. one of those was a shutout loss to the team they're playing in round 1. as for the Wings being artificially good, i'd recommend you check out the olympics--integral parts of the swedish gold medal team, russian team(datsyuk), and american team (schneider/chelios) are on this team and the only concerns are a) in goal and b) in experience (crop of young guys who can play but haven't proven they can stand the pressure of the cup playoffs yet). edmonton's a sexy upset pick but dave lewis isn't coaching this bunch anymore--babcock will not allow them to play soft.
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