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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
On what basis do you think your going to beat them?

Dont bring up stuff from 94 and 97, thats hardly relevant to this discussion as it is 10 years ago and the rosters on both clubs have changed dramatically. Even though they lost Stevens and Neidermayer, NJ's roster has alot of playoff experience and you guys have squat (the players as a group together, not individually). You guys are playing like queers and NJ is raping. Is Lundy even healthy enough for the opening game?

NYR has alot of questions. Its not the same team as earlier in the year.

Read Post #2284

For the Rangers to win, Skyora and Prucha need to play better....without Stevens and Neidermayer, NJ is easier to attack on D if you have speed. Look at every game the two have played this year, they are always close and this will not be a blow that you all think...

PS, stop b****ing about the Pens maybe getting the #3 have no room to complain about your team in the draft....
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