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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by chadta
lets see, you picked all the higher ranked teams BUT the avs, being quite the homer there arent ya ?

Red wings are gone first round, they had a really weak division, and have an artificially good record this year, any team that gets 24 games against the blues, blackhawks and blue jackets should win the presidents trophy, hell thats 48 points off just 3 teams. Edmonton has takin 5 of 8 points from them this year and playing good hockey.

Hurricanes are also out, they have been over achieving all year, mostly much like the red wings against weak teams in there division.

Senators, sorry al, another first round exit for you this year, emery aint gonna cut it against the defending stanley cup champs, and hasek aint comin back, get out the clubs, youll be able to catch the leafs on the back 9.

Rangers are gone, probally 4 straight, devils are hottest team in the league, and how can you argue with brodeur, best goalie in the game, and hes hot.

Flyers and sabres, well im a flyers fan so im gonna do the homer thing and pick them, but itll take 7 games, and its not going to be easy, altho the sabres dont have a goalie thats played an nhl playoff game, that should help. If not they can go golf with the leafs and sens.

Sharks preds, i think sharks take it, thorton is just on fire, and i think they have better goaltending.

Flames, ducks and avs stars i dont really know so ill go with whoever wins the first game to lose the series.
We have another Flyers fan on the board.

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1A. Taco Charlton, DE Michigan
1B. Tre'Davious White, CB LSU
2A. Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt
2B. Chris Godwin, WR Penn State
3. Marcus Maye, S Florida
4. Wayne Gallman, RB Clemson
6A. Chad Kelly, QB Ole Miss
6B: Jerry Ugokwe, OT William & Mary

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Levon Myers, OT Northern Illinois
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