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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Ray Finkle
They had talent but were slumping....everyone picked it up after that trade. Can you honestly say that Thornton made more of a difference then Jagr? The Sharks would have been in playoff contention without Joe....Can't say that for the Rangers.
A) Thornton was the biggest difference maker hands down in the NHL this season. All you have to do is look at where the fish were before he arrived, and after.

2) It's pure conjecture to say that the Sharks would have been contenders without Thornton. He's been one of the top young players in the league for a number of years...just stuck with what has become a crap organization. He showed this year what he's capable of when given a chance. How is Glen Murray faring these days?

I don't think too many teams would take Jagr over Thornton...not at this point in their respective careers anyway.

Anyone have the odds on which of his ovaries Jagr is going to tear this post season? Obviously we all know he'll quit when the going gets tough, and things aren't going his way.
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