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Originally Posted by Hogan11
You have him on your fantasy team? Dump him. Slap nailed it but here's an article that pretty much sums up the ephemeral Oliver Perez:

The other staff problems IMO can be attributed directly to new pitching coach Jim Colborn....a brilliant guy who felt it was necessary to mess with the mechanics of a pitcher who was 8-2 with a 1.81 ERA last season. Of course, Duke hasn't even been a shadow of his former self thus far this season as a result.

Another long year for Bucco fans it appears
Thanks Hogan...that shines light on the situation at hand on my fantasy team...I'm just glad I didnt draft him and picked him via Free Agency afterwards...maybe ill hold onto him for a couple more starts and just leave him on the bench just incase something radically chagnes...other than that, thanks again...
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