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The Padres got better at Catcher also.. Mike's a little old but he is still Mike Piazza.

I agree that the Padres starting pitching is not that good. They have one of the best pitchers in the game, but 2-5 is average at best, especially for a team that wants to return to the playoffs.

Also, they for some reason traded away Otsuka.. and if Hensley doesn't step up it is all going to fall on Linebrink and Hoffman.

The Dodgers may not have a bonafide no. 1 but i'll take their staff over San Diego any day. It's a 162 game season, not a 1-game, winner take all.

Don't forget that the Padres also traded away Mark Loretta. That i will never understand.. You can say it was so that they could keep Hoffman.. but to me there should have been an allowance for that in the payroll.. it's Hoffman!

I just don't see Barfield replicating what Loretta has done, when healthy at least.

Maybe they will prove me wrong.. doubt it though.
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