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Originally Posted by Smelvin
Things are looking great for both Bay Area teams. The Giants, if healthy, should win the West by 10+ games. A full year of Randy Winn and a healthy Steve Finley as the 4th OF are huge upghrades from last year. Say whatever the hell you want about Bonds...but he mashes like none other, roids or no roids, and the impact he makes in the linup to the surrounding players is Ruthian. With him in the lineup Giants would have won the division last year going away. Rotation should be rock solid with Schmidt in a contract year, Morris, and the youngsters Lowry and Cain busting on the scene.
Giants have the best rotation in the division, but that's where their strengths end. Their bullpen stinks. Do Mel Ott, Frankie Frisch and Bill Terry still play everyday for the Giants? I have never seen a team so dependent on 40 something year olds.

Bonds has bad knees and all sorts of other physical ailments such as a bad elbow. I doubt he plays half the season. Hopefully, the baseball gods finish his career before he can pass the Sultan of Swat.
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