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Default Holy Crap! Brian Bromberg Is Good!!!

Jazzheads: WOOD (This is the CD's name)
Brian Bromberg takes a 300 year old Italian standup bass and just shreds some very old standards but his playing makes it all worthwhile. What he does to make intriguing is hard to describe. He definitely picks up the pace so if Jazz is not really your thing this is a cool piece to have just for fun. He does some stuff on there that is just amazing.

Hard Rockers: METAL (This is the CD's name)
There are no lyric so it doesn't qualify as heavy metal but this guy plays a piccolo bass like you've never heard. There are NO guitars on this CD. None...but if you didn't read the label you would want to know how exactly he was tearing up on those "guitar solos". If you like Joe Satriani, Robin Trower, Jaco Pastorious, or just boogie woogie blues. It's really hard not to raise the roof for this guy.

If you like bass playing this guy should be in your music library.
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