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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52

Good job! I admire your hard work and effort. Top 100 lists are tough to compile.

Just a few disagreements:

Juan Pierre should rebound leaving baseball's 2nd toughest hitting park, but #20 is a huge stretch. You have him ranked 18 spots ahead of Chone Figgins who at least provides positional flexibility.

Huston Street is severely underrated at #96. What was your reasoning for ranking him below Francisco Cordero and Derrick Turnbow?

I would also rank SS Jhonny Peralta in the top 100 over Cliff Lee or Jason Varitek.

Ah, I put Juan Pierre there because he was mostly unlucky last year and the rebound should be "unexpected" and would be a steal (knowing that he won't go 20 in most drafts). He can bunt well, and he has speed.
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