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Originally Posted by REB
Damn mt and all this time I thought you were a hot chick

A frenectomy is the removal of the frenulum from the penis.

This procedure is sometimes accompanied by circumcision, which removes the foreskin.

In the United States, most newborn males undergo circumcision, often with a frenectomy as well.

Less commonly, a frenectomy may refer to removal of a frenulum in other parts of the body. Some people undergo a tongue frenectomy to permit the tongue to be extended farther out of the mouth. (Gene Simmons must have had this )

Ok then


1-2-3 !!!!!!!
You big smartass, Reb. I knew someone would go look it up and that would be the definition they'd find. Mine was the 'other part' part of the definition. It's the thing that attaches your top lip to the upper part of your gums. It's a muscle that I had to have cut out so when my braces come off, my teeth stay put.

So !
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