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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by MightySmurf
Paul Karyia is not a trader.... he choose to sign with Colorado.. and then again he CHOOSE to sign in Nashiville, I wouldent call him a trader.
He is a trader to us Ducks fans as he went on about how "we" were going to come back and take it a step further, etc. during the fan rally after the 7th game loss. He then promptly bailed out to the AVS. We would have taken him back this year to be with his friend Selanne, but choose to go to that mecca of sports fanatics, Nashville. He was with the Ducks since there 2nd year and was everything we had (Selanne later). He could of been Carl Yaz of Baseball or Elway of football being a town hero and staying in one spot. He gave us hope for the future then turned his back on us. Yes, he is a trader in my eyes.
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