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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn
HELLO AVS FANS! I love the play by play here as the game in person was awesome. Why your team lost and gave up three goals? Try not having a shot on goal in the third for 13 minutes! Not to mention the Great Mighty Ducks had 3 of 5 on the Power play. Nice defense! One point down for 5th. I think 4th is out of reach so here is to 5th. I would love the Ducks to match up against that trader Paul Kariya. Pay Back! I warned you. They are clicking at the right time. Just like 3 years ago. If there is a Avs Ducks match up ( we need to both beat the home advantage teams), we can have a Hockey tailgate in anaheim for those that will travel. ChampBailey24 can even be a Ducks fan since his team is on the verge of tanking it!
screw the ducks, i have been invited to alot of ducks games and I always root against them. Secondly they cant even fill up half the pond. What makes you think a tailgate can be organized.

As for the Avs, I dont like them any better but I do like them when they play against the Red Wings, now there is a team everyone hates. Anyway Kings have their own problems and im praying we got our **** together since we fired Murray. Im intrigued to see how the team plays on Sat. against the preds.

"The game Monday night, a lot of guys didn't show up. You can't put that on Andy. They're paid a lot of money to show up. I'm kicking myself and saying I blew it. Every player had better be saying the same thing, but Andy's the only guy paying tonight.

"We as an organization have to do better. It's inexcusable. I don't blame our fans for being frustrated. I think what fans will see is that winning is what we're demanding. Losing is not acceptable."
No **** i was calling out the players for not playing with intensity. Hopefully we will get our crap together, if not then Taylor is getting the axe.
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