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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Tredici
Blake has been everywhere. Lyles plays hard. Skrastins apparently thinks falling on the ice and blocking shots is smart defensive play. Sure do miss the grit of Adam FooteLongNose.
Blake had one lapse last night, and it resulted in an immediate goal. You're right though...he's playing very well. Why not? He's Rob Blake. Liles is a nice young defenseman, and Skrastins is pretty steady. After that the Avs are very weak. I have no idea what Brisbois is still doing in the league...he flat out sucks. Was Sauer even worth getting for Skoula? Clark is what he is.

That's overall a very weak blueline. Add that to the uncertainty in the net, and the Avs are where they are. They can still score goals even with some pretty good players out for the year. Too many lapses, and right now their netminder isn't always bailing them out.

How many games has Foote played this year? I know he missed some time. He plays with a very mean spirit. It was a big blow to let him go. Perhaps even bigger than losing Forsberg.

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