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Don't expect Luongo to go anywhere. All Luongo wanted was the Panthers to show that they had a committment to winning and they did that by resigning Jokinen.

Budaj is too up and down. Other then the two wins in a row against Chicago and Calgary he's either shut you out or gave up five plus goals. Yet, he isn't to blame if the Avs miss the playoffs, it's Lacroix and Quenneville who couldn't get Aebischer out of Denver fast enough. To be so arrogant and thinking it will be easy to make the playoffs with two rookies in a tight Western Conference.

If Theo's contact wasn't so hideous, the Avs would have been able to make some major changes on the blueline this summmer (which it needs to do). How the coaching staff thinks that Breezeby playing on the PK is a good idea is beyond me.
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