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Originally Posted by quiettiger
They are hella musicians but I fault a lot of modern musicians with being too structured. It's obvious stuff like let's take Mary had a little lamb drop it down a half, pick up the tempo, and then throw it in Lydian mode? Oh yeah. Let's add a cowbell. WTF? They can play don't get me wrong but they aren't like Yellow Jackets. Yellow Jackets is some of the most complicated and structured Jazz you will ever hear but they are not pretentious...most of the time. If ANYONE wants to learn about jazz at all START there and THEN go backwards. (Samari Samba, Blue Hats, & Yellow Jackets are accessible).
The musicians in Los Lobotomys are all A-list L.A. session players. The top of the food chain. Many of them have played with various members of the Yellowjackets at one time or another. Most jazz purist types and beboppers would probably argue that The Yellowjackets aren't really a jazz group - more like a pop jazz group (I'm not sure I would fully agree with this POV.) Anyway, Los Lobotomys is really just a fun band for session players looking to jam and blow off steam on the weekends. The tunes are intended to be vehicles to blow over - not necessarily complex compositions. However, if you're looking for complex compositions, these guys can definitely oblige. If you look at the credits and discographies of the individual musicians in Los Lobotomys, they read like a "who's who" of jazz and fusion.
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