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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN
True that is.

Are you talking about the first Lobotomys record?

That is, this one?

It was recorded in the late 80s, so some of the instruments might sound dated to some people's ears, but the tunes and the level of musicianship are slammin,' IMO. My faves are "Big Bone," "Lobotomy Stew," "Smell Yourself" & and "All Blues."

At any rate, if the first Lobotomys disc doesn't appeal to you, then you might prefer the follow-up:

This disc rocks a lot harder and everyone stretches out a lot more during the improv sections.

They are hella musicians but I fault a lot of modern musicians with being too structured. It's obvious stuff like let's take Mary had a little lamb drop it down a half, pick up the tempo, and then throw it in Lydian mode? Oh yeah. Let's add a cowbell. WTF? They can play don't get me wrong but they aren't like Yellow Jackets. Yellow Jackets is some of the most complicated and structured Jazz you will ever hear but they are not pretentious...most of the time. If ANYONE wants to learn about jazz at all START there and THEN go backwards. (Samari Samba, Blue Hats, & Yellow Jackets are accessible)

RANT: It's like Chris Botti has to have anyone whose ever had any star power on his stuff so that he can pimp himself as "plays better than Miles Davis" What exactly has Chris Botti invented musically? Pioneer? Pimp is more like it. I hear him play the National anthem and ran out to get his stuff. As I learned about the person the music started to fail for me. He's a cupcake comparing himself to an entire kitchen of flavors. Talent isn't everything. Janet Jackson has talent but she's not getting a dime of my money. Nice boobies.
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