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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
What a flavor clown . Man, I hate that saying.

I'm glad to see Andy Murray gone. I've disliked the guy since the 2001 playoffs. He and Bob Hartley had some memorable battles in the press during the '01 and '02 playoffs. I enjoyed Hartley making fun of Murray's height in 2002.

When asked what the exchange was about after the game, however, Hartley answered: "I can't even understand your question. You can listen to the radio, watch TV, read the papers and it's 'Andy, Andy, Andy,' all the time. He's the guy that gets the most coverage in the first round. You guys should focus on (Joe) Sakic, on (Rob) Blake, (Patrick) Roy, (Felix) Potvin, (Bryan) Smolinski, (Jason) Allison and (Ziggy) Palffy. Even his players are fully aware of this. I have no energy to even waste."

When prompted again about Murray, Hartley responded with, "Like I said, my parents always taught me not to waste time on four-foot-six guys. There's no sense even wasting time."
yeah reminded me of Melrose and Pat Burns going at it in the 93 playoffs. Anyway I knew murray would get the axe but not during the season and not when we are in the middle of a hunt. Major Shakeup indeed.
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