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Originally Posted by Pendejo
Yeah...the Kings are up 3-1 in the season series...but are once again looking up in the standings at the Avs. Every year it's the same thing with the Kings. They whine about injuries...this year is no different...and end their season with a whimper. The Kings' window was slammed shut in '93 when Marty McSorely's stick was found to be illegal. They've been also rans ever since. Their team's highpoint in the past 13 years was upsetting Detroit in the playoffs, and of course then losing to a better team and eventual Stanley Cup champion soon thereafter.

They're less of a threat to win the cup than the Avs, and of course the Ottawa Senators...the latter team has taken the concept of the postseason choke to astronimical heights, on what in recent history has been a yearly basis.
holy crap, av fans were whining about injuries this year, if only we had ( insert player name) we would be contenders. Injuries are part of the game and I have no problem with it. Just when Frolov and Demitra come back we are a way better team.
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