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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronx33

TORONTO -- The NHL announced a new four-year labor agreement with the league's on-ice officials Monday.

Referees and linesmen ratified the extension Friday. The deal was first agreed to in late December but needed to be passed by both sides. The NHL's board of governors unanimously voted in favor of it last month.

The deal will pay first-year refs $136,000, with a maximum of $290,000 for veterans. First-year linesmen will be paid $95,000, with the most experienced earning up to $190,000.

Also part of the contract is a stipulation for mandatory helmets for all on-ice officials starting next season and mandatory visors for all incoming refs and linesman in 2007-08.

Will frazier have to cover his pretty hair?

No. He has a natural helmet. So I think he's good.

Also. A great win for the Avs last night. They were flying around the ice. Hinote started the night off perfectly by getting the better of that anus lesion Sean Avery. Sakic's first goal was a beauty, and you knew then that the Avs were getting the bounces. Budaj went all Irbe on us and was "Like wall." Add to that the great ceremony for Deader before the game. It's a shame he had to get off the ice so early. He was living up to his potential with the Kings. While in Colorado he was a very good L.A. he became a legit upper echelon power foward. It just ended too soon.

Time to go hunting for some duck.
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