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Originally Posted by amesj523
Actually he's done much better the last half of the year... his PIM"s are WAAAAAY down -

But how were you when you were 18? Now imagine if you are 18 and have been sooooo good for as long as you been alive?

I cut him slack, he's young, he's only 18 and he's got a pt/game avg. He's not a bad guy - Also remember he's coming from the juniors to the NHL, not a mens pro league as well.

It's an adjustment.

True but I can't stand Crosby right now...all world talent. I remember in a game against the Rangers, he crossed check Kasper in the back which sent Kasper in to Henrik just as a shot was taken. Both Crosby and Kasper went into the net and the goal was dissallowed. Crosby gets up and starts jumping at the ref wondering why he got a penalty and the goal was waived off.....
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