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Matty P

That IS his newest one, it's pretty damn good. He's been around for a LOOOONG TIME (we're talking Juice Crew), but he never really blew up.

Originally Posted by BizzyBone7
i got his newest one (i think) Long Hot Summer a while ago... never been a fan of him until that cd, i may have to check his other stuff now that u mention him.

I got Matisyahu's studio album. Great great stuff. i cant get it out of my cd player.
Wasn't too sure who you were talkin about, so I googled it. i JUST SAW a clip last night on MTV with one of his songs, and today when I get payed I'm going to buy the cd.

CANT WAIT - i was hooked from the 10 second blurb i heard yesterday.

I've also been on this Ludacris kick for the last few days. Chicken and Beer, that **** pounds in the car.

Here's a question for all of you music buffs:

Ever hear of D.J. Dillinja? It's not DAS dillinja, or whatever, but I know that he's got his own cd out there somewhere. He was on a few tracks with Goldie on an album, but I honestly have been to just about every music store in denver and no one seems to know who i'm talking about.

Anybody ever listen to his stuff?

Some of the best trance beats I've ever heard
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