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Tim Tebow

I currently have Armin Van Buuren and D.J. Tiiesto and Paul Oakenfield in my CD Player.

I have gotten so sick of the garbage music that I actually started doing party mixes again. That's right D.J. Sweat has returned!!!

I guess it's a mid life crisis. I just finished a 1:17:36 dance mix that has people swarming for copies.

Electric Kingdom - Twillight 22
Dance - Egyptian Lover
One for the Treble - Davy DMX
Body Mechanic - Quadrant Six
Clear - Cybotron (Missy elliot stole this beat)
Al-Naafiysh - Hashim
Pack Jam - The Johnsun Crew
Planet Rock - Afrika BamBaataa
Push the Button - Newcleus

And more... I took out my 1200's but I have to get a new mixer. doing my mixing using Mixmeister 6.1 which is new for me... As soon as I master that I'm moving to Ableton.

Look out!!!
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