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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
I got to see it in person! It really was a blast. The Flames fans weren't too hard on us. Their damn mascot gave ME the most grief.

It was really disheartening to be sitting there in the midst of all the Flames fans and have them go up 3-0. Every time they score a goal, they have these pyrotechnics set up in the rafters and along the bottom edge of their scoreboard. ( I have to admit, it was pretty cool. ) I got to feel the heat of those damn things 3 times before anything decent happened.

The May/McCarty fight was really close to us and from our vantage point, May definitely looked like the winner. I could hear the fans around us getting worried when the second goal was scored. When I stood up to cheer for our goals, I totally expected to be pelted with something, but I wasn't. There was a lot of talk about Sakic around us. A chant started up in the 2nd, "Go home, Sakic, go home." Kinda surprised me.

The officials seemed to be letting a lot of stuff go on both sides it seemed.

Things I noticed:
* Seeing them in person was amazing. They're so fast!
* Brett Clark seems to have a mouth piece soley to chew on throughout the game.
* Ian Laperriere seems to talk to himself the whole game.
* When those pucks hit the glass in front of you, it's freakin loud! I just about **** myself a time or two.
* They play awesome music in the arena.

That's it. I know I rambled, but it was so cool to finally see them in person. I would love beyond pretty much anything to come to Denver to see them with the home crowd.
There was actually a good picture of May pummeling McCarty in the San Diego Union Tribune today. I was shocked.

You're right on don't realize how fast those bastards are until you see it in person. That's why hockey is where it is amongst the major sports. It simply doesn't translate well to television.

Minor league hockey is great as well.

Glad you got to see the boys in person...sorry they couldn't pull it out.
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