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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
I’m going to have to disagree with you on the Blues’ goaltender problems during the Quenneville-era, orange4life. The fact is that St. Louis general manager Larry Pleau never brought in any real goaltending talent to work with after Grant Fuhr finally wore out (due to age and Mike Keenan working him like a mule in 1995-’96). Quenneville stood behind his goalies, they just weren't any good. Guys like Turek and Johnson were propped up by playing behind the Pronger/MacInnis-led defenses all those years. It's not like St. Louis had a Miikka Kiprusoff or Henrik Lundqvist in their organization waiting to break out.

96-97 Grant Fuhr, Jon Casey
97-98 Grant Fuhr, Jon Casey
98-99 Grant Fuhr, Jon Casey, Rich Parent, Brent Johnson, Jim Carrey
99-00 Roman Turek, Jaime McLennan
00-01 Roman Turek, Brent Johnson
01-02 Brent Johnson, Fred Brathwaite
02-03 Brent Johnson, Fred Brathwaite, Chris Osgood, Curtis Sanford, Tom Barrasso, Reinhard Divis, Cody Rudowski
03-04 Chris Osgood, Reinhard Divis, Brent Johnson

Eddie Belfour’s backup in Dallas, Roman Turek, was supposed to be the next big thing when the Blues brought him in for the 1999-’00 season. Turek played well behind the Blues’ great defense, until the playoffs, that is. He fizzled out with the Blues and has proven he’s nothing more than a backup NHL goaltender with the Flames.

The next answer was Brent Johnson who, like Turek before him, has been nothing but an NHL backup with Phoenix and Washington.

In 2002-’03 the Blues had more goaltender injuries than I can ever remember one team suffering.

Chris Osgood flamed out with the Islanders and obviously wasn’t going to lead the Blues anywhere when they picked him up in 2003. He's another former-St. Louis starter that's now an NHL backup.

Is Jose Theodore Quenneville’s long sought after goalie? We’ll see, but Pierre Lacroix was the real driving force behind this move (though Joel wasn‘t going to protest since he was never and Aebischer fan). When Lacroix sets his mind to getting a player he’ll do anything to get him, as Chris Gratton showed us in 2004.

Aside from the high salary cap number Theodore has in the next two seasons I can’t find fault with this deal (ok, and the fact that we have to wait to see Jose in an Avs sweater). Buy low, sell high, that’s what Lacroix did. I think Peter Budaj and David Aebischer are equal -- it’s not like we’re thowing Phillipe Sauve or Hardy Astrom out there to keep us in the playoffs.

Out of all the shock and horror of the last 24 hours the worst thing to happen to this club is Marek Svatos’ season ending injury. I would have liked to upgrade with more than Jim Dowd today, but I can live with us not giving up any of the forward prospects that have finally started to populate the organization again.
PL didn't go all out this FA and dip into the prospect pool Iam glad he didn't), so it kinda reinforces the thought he is looking at next year and not this one.
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