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Originally Posted by orange 4 life
just jumping in here to say how pissed i am right now.

ill always stick with my avs, but im just disgusted right now.

the problem wasnt aebischer, the problem was (and is) the coach.

quenville is simply a goalie hater. he did this crap in st louis, and now he's doing it here.
he never gets behind one guy, and as a result his teams suffer.

aeby is younger, he's been playing fantastic, and his team was behind him.

this is just an awful move, and it was spurned by the fact that our turd of a coach has a long and storied track record of messing with his netminders.
trading one of the backup goalies (who someone wouldve wanted) for a defenseman (or even power forward) was a move i couldve got behind, but trading your #1 goalie for another goalie who wont even play for a month (while youre in a battle for the division and your playoff seed) is just lunacy.
add to it that coach q wont be happy with jose either and it REALLY stinks.

bottom line is that q ran aeby out of town, and he even got some of the media and fans to support his whacked out thinking.

the move we needed to make was to ship our COACH out of town.
just my .02

Dead on correct. I have nothing to add except an exclamation mark. So:

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