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Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
Funny, if you go read the "Your call" section after the article about the trade, a lot of Habs fans seem irked by this. They think they got the raw end of the deal.

We can only hope.
Theodore is not a bum. He's not worth what he's being paid and he's overrated but he can play. We've all seen in the past that when he's on his game he's capable of carrying a team. Inconsistancy has plagued him though.

Who knows? Maybe the change of scenery will do him good. Maybe getting out from under all the scrutiny in Montreal will breathe new life into Theo. Either way, he's here now and we have to make the best of it. He's an Av so I'm rooting for him accordingly.

This isn't the same as when the Avs acquired Hunter, Kasparaitis or Marchment. I couldn't stand any of those guys but I had to put up with them. I can do more than just put up with Theo, I could downright like him.

Get healthy soon Theo!

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