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Miller's contract.

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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller
I know, they do it every year. I'm just too lazy to register.
If you just want to track the trades, the TSN site usually has an extra server setup for the deadline. 2 years ago they had a popup window tracker.

As for the Theo deal, yeah Lacroix is making a gamble. But if Theo regains his form from a few years back, they will be the winners of the trade. Much like Brisebois, Theo had his share of controversy in MTL and needed out of town. From his family's loan sharking scandal to his propecia bust, Theo was always the press' b*tch.

As for MTL, it's rumored that the Canadiens are going to deal a D-man (Souray?) for Bertuzzi (ugh). I hope they get Selanne myself.
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