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I was listening to Terry Frei on 950 on the way home and here's the jist of what he said.

-Doesn't believe that Theodore will be shipped out, that he's the guy Lacroix has been targeting all season.

-Joel Quenneville was never a fan of David Aebischer.

-Aebischer wasn't traded sooner because they needed to build him back up as a tradeable commodity after his bad stretch earlier this season.

-Avs are taking a huge gamble by putting the rest of the regular season in the hands of Peter Budaj and that this is either Lacroix rolling the dice or showing an amazing amount of arrogance.

-Anyone who compares this to the Roy trade is kidding themself.

I can't say I really disagree with him on anything (for once). I just dont see how Lacroix can take a chance on missing the playoffs just to secure the services of Jose Theodore. I've been on board with most of Lacroix's deadline deals in the past but this one just baffles me.
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